Google Analytics – My Top Ten Posts

Here are my top ten posts on Russell’s Ramblings.

Google Video: Ashlee Simpson drunk at McDonalds I was bored one day when I posted this video.
Jimmy Kimmel and Mike Tyson Same thing here.
Corset Piercings or what will they think of next? This was my first none family post ten months ago. It continues to perform.
Hots Chicks of Body Building. Similar to Corset Piercings for its Oh My Gawd appeal.
Zohowriter and Gapingvoid. A testiment to Gapingvoid’s popularity.
Little Five Points, Atlanta, GA My highest performing original work.
Jay DaTaste – Sexy Name Decoder. One of Jay’s few SFW posts.
The Internet Frog asks what is your speed? Another long time performer.
Funny lines. I’m not a good lover, but at least I’m fast.– Drew Carey
Rocketboom: Amanda Congdon was held at gun point. My favorite internet celebrity.

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