The Golden Door Locked

The Golden Door Locked, originally uploaded by AnomalousNYC.

The Golden Door Locked

People call this local crazy guy Screaming Jesus. On the fourth of July he was storming around my neighborhood with this huge flag.

He really is crazy, and he yells all the time. He yells about genitals a lot. But he also yells about the social injustice in which he is embroiled. You can see how difficult his life has been in his face. I have heard him talk about Bush and the current state of America with an incisiveness and intelligence that would stop a freight train. People just laugh at him. He reminds me of prophets from the Old Testament, warning of the fall of the kingdom.


3 Responses to The Golden Door Locked

  1. That is quite an eye/mind opening picture. If I let it go on to long, my thinking about Bush and the current state of America, I could certainly end up yelling about it too!

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