Top Ten Reasons I Use Tailrank Instead of Digg

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I have been using Tailrank, a memetracker which finds the coolest posts from thousands of blogs, for about 2 months now. Kevin Burton, Founder and CEO of TailRank, has added many new features in the last month including a new clean user interface. Here are my top ten reasons to use Tailrank.
1. Tailrank is free and easy to use. Just go to the home page and you will see the top posts within the last twenty four hours.
2. Tailrank uses thumbnails to enhance each article.
3. You can participate – Share posts and tag your favorites. If enough people tag the story it is promoted to the first page. A bookmarklet makes the process easy. I share all my posts.
4. Upload your OPML so your favorite blogs are tracked.
5. Filter – This feature allows you to focus on your favorite subjects by number of links. The few links you require the more stories TR returns.
6. RSS – Every page has an RSS feed so you can add it to your aggregator.
7. The sidebar contains Hot Posts, Hot Tags and Tops Posts within 48 hours.
8. You can add your own sidebar to your blog. See mine to the right.
9. TailRank allows certain members (editors) to change the title and summary of a post much like a wiki allows any person to edit a page.
10. If you are a developer TR has an API which is documented here.
Tailrank is in open beta, and Kevin is responsive to your ideas. Ten Reasons to use Tailrank

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