Blogbeat, Scoble and Amanda Congdon

Well, I was reviewing my blog stats with Blogbeat tonight. I noticed that I got three hits from Google searches on Amanda Congdon Naked. So I did the searches, and I am number one and eight on Google, while Scoble is ten. On Yahoo I am 3 while Scoble is 4. Finally, Robert is 2 and 3 while my Tailrank entry is eight on MSN. I am also number one on Technorati search for Amanda Congdon. Here is my original post on Robert and Amanda.

Incidentally, Blog50 told me Rocketboom is now in High Definition.

Back to Blogbeat. I started my 30 day trial 18 days ago, and I like the service. I really like the incoming and outgoing links, plus there is a cool City Cloud of my visitors. Atlanta is the number one city. Imagine that. When I first signed up, the cost was $6 per month after a 30 day trial. I thought that was high and I also thought I would continue if the price was $2 per month. Well, Jeff Turner called my bluff, and now is offering one year for $24. I just might take him up on that. Jeff is very responsive when I contact him.

Blogbeat is an online service that can tell you all sorts of cool things about your blog, like who’s reading it, what posts they’re reading, what posts are your most popular, what other blogs are talking about you, how people find you, even what links people click on when they visit your blog. Simply register with us in a few simple steps, and you instantly get tons of cool stats on your blog! Everything is done in real-time, so as soon as someone reads a post on your blog, you will know about it.

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