Citizen Journalism – Skate Girl, Police and a Bloody Mess.

January 29, 2006

Some of my flickr friends were discussing their fear of photographing strangers. Here is a citizen photo-journalist who captured a trespassing ticket and the ensuring bloody events.

Turns out someone on the sidewalk yelled something to her, she turned to see the person, took her hands off of the car, and the cop got pissed. She gave attitude, I think he shoved her back on the car, so she struggled back up, and he shoved her around. He was at least 200 pounds. She was about 100. Her face was bloody.

Via: Voxefx

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January 28, 2006
Perseverance, originally uploaded by Russell_Reno.

Atlanta Photostroll 2, Historic Oakland Cemetary, Atlanta, Georgia.

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a horse one would ride in a wonderful dream…

January 27, 2006

Atlanta, Georgia.

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January 26, 2006
paparazzi, originally uploaded by w!ll.
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Google Analytics – My Top Ten Posts

January 22, 2006

Here are my top ten posts on Russell’s Ramblings.

Google Video: Ashlee Simpson drunk at McDonalds I was bored one day when I posted this video.
Jimmy Kimmel and Mike Tyson Same thing here.
Corset Piercings or what will they think of next? This was my first none family post ten months ago. It continues to perform.
Hots Chicks of Body Building. Similar to Corset Piercings for its Oh My Gawd appeal.
Zohowriter and Gapingvoid. A testiment to Gapingvoid’s popularity.
Little Five Points, Atlanta, GA My highest performing original work.
Jay DaTaste – Sexy Name Decoder. One of Jay’s few SFW posts.
The Internet Frog asks what is your speed? Another long time performer.
Funny lines. I’m not a good lover, but at least I’m fast.– Drew Carey
Rocketboom: Amanda Congdon was held at gun point. My favorite internet celebrity.

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Mini Cooper – I have a fever.

January 21, 2006

I have a fever, and the only prescription is a Mini Cooper. Paulette, Katie and I had a family day today. I took my car in for an oil change and Paulette wanted to look at the Mini Coopers. We also took in a home show, where we purchased one of those 25 in 1 ladders you see on TV. Before the home show Paulette picked out a Mini she wanted, but when we returned in the afternoon, it was sold. Can you believe that? Katie took my picture as I drove through the show room. I provided my own sound effects. Paulette, Katie, Danielle and Kelsy are going to see Cats tomorrow. Travis flew back to Reno yesterday. .

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Atlanta – Flickrites descend upon Midtown

January 21, 2006

Yesterday forty intrepid photographers braved 20 mph winds and 40 degree weather to take Midtown Atlanta by storm. Along the way I made new friends, discovered graffiti and a barber who has cut hair in the same place for 52 years. He was still upset because “the hippies would not get a haircut in the seventies”. He also talked about attending the premier of Gone with the Wind. Capturinglight said her grandmother was there.

We passed the Fox theater where the women plan to see Cats. I saw it twice in NYC so I will pass.
Katie and Travis just left to attend a pre-Aerosmith Lenny Kravitz concert party and then the concert itself. I would love to photograph that event.

My photos are here and all pictures from the day are here.

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