Gapingvoid – Have you got a girlfriend?

April 12, 2006

Have you got a girlfriend?Hugh at Gapingvoid wants to know if I have a girlfriend, and

Quick question: Now that I'm putting up high-rez versions of my work, is anyone here making use of it? Printing them out, computer desktops etc.? Just curious.

First, I do not have a girlfriend. I have been married for 29 years and I could not bear the thought of disappointing two women. Sometimes I feel like I am married to the blogoshere. Second, I upload his comics to Flickr and occaisionally use them here with link to Hugh. Once I posted my favorite comics here and Hugh linked back to me. Thanks Hugh, I read your blog everyday.

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eyeing me, eyeing you

April 12, 2006

eyeing me, eyeing you, originally uploaded by quicklykissme.

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April 11, 2006

georgetown_cobblestone, originally uploaded by easement.



April 9, 2006

couleur, originally uploaded by rechargable.


old car. . .

April 7, 2006

old car. . ., originally uploaded by debby_ziegler.

This brings back memories of my grandmother. 


links for 2006-04-07

April 7, 2006


April 6, 2006

daydreaming, originally uploaded by torontofotobug.

Just got my new camera this afternoon, sitting at the kitchen table, across from Dorothy who was daydreaming, I snapped this quick shot to christen the new unit. Now I need to sit down and read the manual, never shot Canon before, lots of new bells and whistles to figure out.

Oh, and I uploaded the gigantic version so anyone interested in the quality of the 30D can have a peek. Not sure if I have optimized the camera settings yet, but…